You will need 1 x empty beer or soft drink can, 1 x knife and 1 x pair of scissors
Remove the inner top, inside the rim of the can with a knife (be careful).
Cut the can roughly in half.
Neaten up the edges and trim the two halves so that the height of the base reaches the shoulder of the top.
Measure carefully.
From the inside of the can with a knife pierce a tiny hole for air intake.
Using the blade of the knife crease the edge to create stove top vents. Map them out like a clock face to make sure they are evenly spaced.
Insert the top of the can inside of the base until the top of the creases are just visible.
To use as a stove you will need fuel (methylated spirits) and a lighter or matches.
Fill the can with fuel so it just covers the bottom edge of the stove top vents.
Light with a match.
Wait until you see a yellow flame.
Place pot or pan ontop of stove, use a wind shield if necessary.
After you have finished put out the stove by smothering the flame with the bottom of another can or a bowl over the top.
Once the fuel has cooled put it back into the bottle to be used again.
You can make many different styles of stoves.
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